Crawl, Carry Me Through

There will always be moments in our lives when we crawl. Moments when we find ourselves weak and in need of help. These are the moments when I wish to be carried through the darkness; the moments when I wish to offer a path to the light; the moments when I wish to be a companion in your journey. If you somehow find yourself here, persevere. Crawl through the darkness. Carry yourself through. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Laugh, smile and love ardently.




Columbia University Student Will Drag Her Mattress Around Campus Until Her Rapist Is Gone

"I think the act of carrying something that is normally found in our bedroom out into the light is supposed to mirror the way I’ve talked to the media and talked to different news channels, etc," Emma continues in the full video which you can watch here. 

So, I just want to go into HOW MUCH Columbia and the NYPD has failed, and revictimized, Emma Sulkowitz.

In her school hearing, Sulkowitz ” had to explain to the three administrators on the panel how anal rape worked. She told them she had been hit across the face, choked and pinned down, but, she said, one still seemed confused about how it was possible for someone to penetrate her there without lubricant. Sulkowicz said she had to draw them a diagram.”

"Her best friend was meant to be at the hearing; Sulkowicz had chosen her as her one “supporter.” But her friend was kicked out of that role for talking about the case, according to Sulkowicz, in violation of the university’s confidentiality policy. As punishment, her friend was also put on probation and made to write two reflection papers: one from the perspective of Sulkowicz and another from the accused."


- Two other women at Columbia have accused this guy of sexual assault/rape. But he’s been found not responsible in all instances, and is still on campus.

- When she went to the police, one officer said: “”You invited him into your room. That’s not the legal definition of rape.”

- Another officer told her friends, who came with her: ““For every single rape I’ve had, I’ve had 20 that are total bull——,” he added. “It’s also my type of job to get to the truth. If that means being harsh about it, that’s what I do.”

And that’s.

I want to set literally everything on fire.

Also fucking bullshit that a goddamn police officer doesn’t know what the legal definition of rape is. It literally takes 0.31 seconds to look up the Department of Justice’s legal federal definition on Google.

The new definition of rape is: “The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”   The definition is used by the FBI to collect information from local law enforcement agencies about reported rapes.”

Nothing about inviting someone into your house/apartment/dorm. Nothing.

Just the mere fact that sexual penetration happened without consent.

But what is consent, officer?

The ability of the victim to give consent must be determined in accordance with state statute.

So what’s the state statute for Columbia University in New York? Again, it took less than 5 seconds to type that into Google and then pick the proper article section.

Where the offense charged is rape in the third degree as defined in subdivision three of section 130.25, or criminal sexual act in the third degree as defined in subdivision three of section 130.40, in addition to forcible compulsion, circumstances under which, at the time of the act of intercourse, oral sexual conduct or anal sexual conduct, the victim clearly expressed that he or she did not consent to engage in such act, and a reasonable person in the actor’s situation would have understood such person’s words and acts as an expression of lack of consent to such act under all the circumstances.

That is a “no means no" clause right there.

That doesn’t say “no doesn’t apply if you invited them into your residence”.

It says if she said no, and whoever decided to rape her anyways, THAT IS CONSIDERED RAPE - THERE IS LITERALLY NO DOUBT TO BE CAST.

[Said the non-law student toward the law enforcement officer who doesn’t even know how to do his job - and isn’t that a terrifying thought.]

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No, but think about this. We’ve seen the Winter Soldier face Fury’s car.

Maybe he’s done the same with Howard. Maybe his hair wasn’t so long yet. Maybe he wasn’t wearing a mask. Maybe Howard saw his face in the headlights for just a second.

Maybe Howard and Maria died in a car crash. Maybe Howard swerved to not hit a ghost.


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holy shit cows are huge

And apparently very cuddly

I can verify cows are both and they lick like giant slobbery cats. 

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One of my favorite things to see is random people trying to interact with unfamiliar outdoor cats. Just standing there with a hand out, making kissy noises, maybe meowing at the cat while it ignores them. Mankind at its best and least dignified

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by day i am just a regular loser, by night i am the same loser only it’s nighttime

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Sometimes I look up at the moon and think

Dame Judi Dench plays Dungeons & Dragons

She was introduced to the game by Vin Diesel on the set of Chronicles of Riddick

And now she DMs for her granddaughter

This is our world

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i have the body of a siren and the sea is so loathe to be parted from me that it left imprints of its waves on my thighs

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My friend saw on Animal Planet that Golden Retriever’s mouths are so soft they can carry eggs without breaking them, so she tested it. 

I am tearing up


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I highly recommend giving up music snobbery. It makes life 1000% more fun.

#liking things is just so much more fun than not liking things

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'where is the pen i was using like 3 seconds ago' an autobiography i'll never write because i keep losing the pen i was using like 3 seconds ago.

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